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Terrarium Workshop for DBS @ Pietro

On a bright and sunny Friday afternoon, a closely-knitted family of DBS staff gathered at a cosy Italian restaurant situated away from the bustling city centre. It was a delight to have conducted a terrarium workshop to this spontaneous crowd as part of their team-bonding experience. The atmosphere was filled with loud chatter, accompanied by occasional laughters as the participants started on their very own terrariums with excitement. Following completion, participants lifted up their masterpieces and gazed upon it with pride.

During the second half of the workshop, teams were tasked to build a terrarium in accordance to a given theme. To further challenge their creativity, they had to plan a storyline to describe their terrarium. Among the creative stories presented, the one presented by Michael’s group was one of the most memorable ones, not to mention, “politically correct”. His brilliant description of the history between Singapore and Malaysia sparked cheers from his colleagues to nominate him in the upcoming presidential election. Who knows? He might be the president of Singapore someday!


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