5 Benefits of Using Terrariums as Home Decors

Be it whether you are an avid gardener looking for an indoor solution to your gardening needs, or a cosmopolitan person interested in green designs, look no further, terrariums are the solution. We at Ecoponics conduct individual and group terrarium workshop for both corporates and schools. Here are 5 unique benefits of using terrariums as part of your home decor.

1. Stress relief
Terrariums can induce a sense of calm and zen away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Those of us who live sedentary lifestyles and commit to desk bound jobs often have to stare at the computer screen for extended periods of time. This is stressful on our eyes. Thus infusing our homes or offices with greenery will definitely help with relieving stress.


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Figure 1: Hanging terrarium decor 

2. Décor
Indoor terrariums are akin to miniature gardens that require ‘almost-no-maintenance’. Apart from requiring low levels of up-keeping, terrariums also adds life to a room. By coming in a whole host of shapes and sizes, there are a multitude of ways we can incorporate it into our home decor. Examples of some popular types of terrariums are hanging (figure 1), table top displays (figure 2) & wall mounted terrariums (figure 3) – All of which we provide guidance on how to make them during our terrarium workshop.


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Figure 2: Terrarium table decor

3. A no hassle in-house garden
Terrariums will become self-sustaining once an equilibrium in its internal water content has been reached i.e. there is neither too much nor too little moisture. Maintenance becomes easy as watering intervals become fixed. We recommend that for close terrariums, water it 8 times per month. And for open terrariums, water it 5 times every 2 days.

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Figure 3: Wall mounted terrariums

4. Connect to the Wild Indoors
Terrariums can be used as part of an interior design that allows us to reconnect with the wild outdoors.
This will be absolutely necessary for you if you are a nature lover but dislike hands-on gardening or the act of commuting for miles just to embark on a hiking trail. Terrariums are the excellent solution because they are self-sustaining miniature gardens themselves that require little to no effort for maintenance.

5. Terrariums are Portable.
The best part about terrariums? They are portable. This allows us to mix and match them to various parts of our home or office to achieve the best blend of interior design.


Interested in making a terrarium that you can call as yours uniquely? Come join one of our workshops!

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