Do Plants Grow Better With Compost?

As part of our food waste management programme with Endeavour Primary School, the students learnt all about food waste – the types of waste, its impact on Singapore and the environment, as well as how to operate their food waste compost machine, installed at a corner of their canteen.

Such food waste machines have the ability to convert food waste – both cooked & raw into compost for the greenery around the school compounds or garden. Not only does this help to reduce the overall food wastage for the school, it saves a lot of money as there is no need to purchase fertilizers.

photo6241993705376557051 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024 photo6241993705376557052 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024

The educational portion of the food waste management programme typically consists of a theoretical portion where students will undergo a lecture. At the same time, they are given short activities and educational textbooks!

After understanding all about food waste management, we conducted a small experiment with the students on whether plants grow better with compost, or without. The students collected the compost that is produced from the machine.

photo6241993705376557058 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024 photo6241993705376557057 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024

One group is then given a normal potted plant with normal potting soil. Meanwhile, the other group is given another potted plant with potting soil as well as a compost mixture. By doing so, students to undergo this experiment so that they get to experience it for themselves instead of merely educating them through the lecture.

photo6241993705376557048 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024 photo6241993705376557050 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024

This experiment aims to not only educate the students. Through this experiment, we also encourage them to recycle as much food waste as they can as the food waste can be used for better things and in return, saving the earth.

Well done green ambassadors! For schools who would like to find out more about our food waste management programme, do drop us an email at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to answer your queries.


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