Terrarium Care Tip: Removing Mould

Terrariums are heralded as the ultimate no-frills companion for households and offices, so it can be quite alarming when something unwanted (mould, ugh) starts forming in the glass vessel.

Don’t fret!

Being in a country with high humidity levels, moulds easily develops in moist settings, such as closed terrariums. Here are a few tips to combat the unwanted fungi –

Small Areas of Mould

  1. Promote air circulation by airing your terrarium. This will help to get rid of excess water in the terrarium.
  2. Scrape off and remove the mould gently.
  3. If the mould is growing on one or two plants, replace the plants.

removing mould

Large Areas of Mould

  1. Scrape off and remove the mould gently.
  2. If the mould has overtaken the entire terrarium, remove the contents of your terrarium and remake it. Prior to rebuilding the terrarium, sanitise the glass vessel with warm water.


No mould growing in your terrarium? That’s great! If you’re looking to prevent that from happening,

  1. Air your closed terrarium once a month before watering it.
  2. Add a layer of activated charcoal below the soil layer. (Optional)
  3. Sprinkle a smidge of cinnamon into your terrarium or mix cinnamon with water and spray the mixture into your terrarium. (Optional)
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Adding Activated Charcoal before the soil layer

Removing mould from your terrarium is simple. After removing mould from the terrarium, be sure to air your terrarium monthly to remove the stale water from the vessel!

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