Caring for your Air Plant Terrarium

Ecoponics (Terrarium Workshop Singapore) offers Air Plant Terrarium Workshops! Unfamiliar with air plants? Here’s a short intro to them and tips on how to care for them.

Air plants are one of the hardiest plants you can find! They only need 3 things to survive: sunlight (or fluorescent lighting), water and ventilation. Easy peasy. It is a perfect plant to keep in Singapore! Air plants grow normally without soil as moisture and nutrients in the air are absorbed through their leaves.


Given that they grow normally without soil, it is not necessary to place them on soil in the air plant terrarium. For the base, reindeer moss or sand is a good pick. Seashells, marbles, drift wood or pebbles work fine too. It is best if the plants do not sit on any overtly moist bedding, otherwise the air plant will start to rot.

air plant terrarium

Not a fan of any of the above beddings? Simply placing the air plants in an open glass globe will emanate a minimalist beauty. Alternatively, these ceramic holders brings a twist to the usual clear glass vessels that we see.

air plant terrarium
Air plant hanging holders
Air plant terrarium
Air plants in desk planters


Now, we’ve come to the most important part, watering your air plant terrarium! Generally, water them every one to two weeks.

Avoid watering your air plant terrarium directly. Instead, remove the air plants from the terrarium and soak/mist them. Before placing them back into the terrarium, ensure that they are completely dry. Gently shake excess water from the plant and leave them out for 1-3 hours to dry. Keeping the terrarium dry is essential from preventing the air plants from rotting due excessive moisture. When the plants rot, their base turns brown or black, with the leaves dropping off.

I’ve waxed lyrical about overwatering the plants, but what about under-watering? That is a concern too! For greenhorns, brown or crispy leaf tips are a sign that the air plant is drying up. Observe the health of your plant weekly to prevent it from dying.

How to Water Air Plants | Tillandsia Care | Keeping Air Plants Alive – Air Plant City

After reading all these, you might be thinking that air plants are tricky to care for, but they really aren’t! As compared to other house plants, they are no frizz and require less care (no fertilisation required). This simple plant is perfect as an accessory for your house or office, bringing some relaxing green to the environment around you.

Interested in making an air plant terrarium with us? Email us at [email protected] for a quotation (min 5 pax) or check out our page here. We offer both private group workshops and corporate team bonding workshops as well!


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